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I am a property investor and look to assist sellers who wish to sell their properties and are open to creative solutions in this challenging market.

If you are needing a relatively quick sale and are unable to secure the price you need, we do have a very flexible approach and a number of possible solutions that could possibly assist you.

In summary these are listed on the right, and I am happy to expand upon any of them if they generate any interest:

Use a local estate agent Rent the property Upfront fee Lease option Assisted sale Quick Sale

Upfront Fee

We could pay you an upfront fee (typically £1k-£10k) and non refundable fee for the privilege of buying your house at a set price. For example, house is worth £100k we pay you £2k (non refundable) for the option to buy your house at £80k. Then if we achieve anything over a set amount we can give you a percentage.