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I am a property investor and look to assist sellers who wish to sell their properties and are open to creative solutions in this challenging market.

If you are needing a relatively quick sale and are unable to secure the price you need, we do have a very flexible approach and a number of possible solutions that could possibly assist you.

In summary these are listed on the right, and I am happy to expand upon any of them if they generate any interest:

Use a local estate agent Rent the property Upfront fee Lease option Assisted sale Quick Sale

Assisted sale

We could facilitate an "assisted sale". Meaning we could agree a price with you and we would help you sell the property via local contacts. In the meantime we would maintain, look after your property, engage any estate agents (if appropriate), help with legal paperwork, pay for the EPC, estate agents fees (3k) and conveyancing fees (£800). We could hosts viewings and feedback regularly to you.